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Realtor.com® is the leading online search destination for homebuyers, sellers, and renters. Founded in 1995, realtor. com pioneered the digital real estate industry and today offers the most comprehensive database of MLS-listed forsale properties among competing national sites.

Thomas Tinajero, Director of Marketing Operations, Engagement Marketing, and Jenna Chateauvert, Sr. Director of Engagement Marketing, focus on the strategic and operational aspects of engagement marketing at realtor. com, like maintaining best-in-class email deliverability.

Email allows us to reach out directly to our most valuable consumers with relevant information, to help them in their home buying journey. It is a highly effective engagement tool due to its ability to be personalized at a unique individual level.

Jenna Chateauvert Sr. Director Engagement Marketing


Realtor.com® is the leading online search destination for homebuyers, sellers, and renters. www.realtor.com/


Santa Clara, California


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

SendGrid Expert Services

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Realtor.com first built its custom email management tool on top of SendGrid’s delivery engine in 2011, and has continued using us because of the consistently strong delivery rates enabled by our platform.

As realtor.com grew its transactional email program, Jenna and her team noticed they didn’t have 100% deliverability in one of realtor.com’s subuser accounts, caused by blocks for domains managed by an internet service provider (ISP).

Since email is an essential channel for the realtor.com platform, Jenna and her team consulted with SendGrid’s Expert Services to investigate the issue and to better ensure the effectiveness of their email program.


With full access to realtor.com’s account data and sophisticated third-party analytics tools, SendGrid’s email deliverability experts uncovered two key delivery risks:

  • High hard bounce rates for another realtor.com subuser, due to an invalid address, was putting the deliverability of that mail stream at risk.
  • A 10% block rate for an inactive lead-routing domain was putting the deliverability of other lead-routing domains at risk.

SendGrid’s Expert Services team, which has relationships with ISPs like Google and Microsoft, also shared insights on how different ISPs react to sending activity and how Jenna and her team could better adapt their email strategy to these nuances.


With the help of SendGrid’s Expert Services, Jenna and her team were able to proactively resolve the detected delivery risks before they could turn into larger issues:

  • The domain blocks were lifted, with delivery improving from 0% to near 100%.
  • Bounce rates dropped to half of their earlier amount for the top ten email service providers, by cleaning the list to better reflect only more engaged users, which resulted in higher delivery and open rates for that account.
  • The block for the inactive lead-routing domain was resolved, safeguarding deliverability for other routing domains.

Now realtor.com has stronger overall delivery rates, at over 99% for sending accounts, plus a healthy and reliable platform setup and list hygiene. “This engagement restored our confidence in our email program, and we were able to continue our day-to-day operations with confidence,” Jenna says.

Bottom Line

SendGrid is a solid fit for realtor.com’s email program because of SendGrid’s:

  • Expertise. SendGrid’s experts have over 95 years combined experience with email, helping new and experienced senders optimize their email programs every day.
  • Industry relations. SendGrid is an active participant in the email ecosystem, and is the only email service provider with industry leadership in all major organizations.
  • Deliverability. Built for deliverability, SendGrid is trusted by over 78,000 customers to send over 45 billion emails every month.
Without a strong list hygiene and deliverability strategy, you may not have the chance to get to the next step of the funnel with your customers. With a knowledgeable team focused on deliverability, SendGrid has helped us measure our campaigns, confirm areas of success, identify areas of improvement, and follow up on key action items thereafter.

Thomas Tinajero Director of Marketing Operations, Engagement Marketing

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