Grow Your Brand with Instagram Ads

SendGrid Ads lets you easily create social media advertising campaigns on Instagram using your SendGrid email list. Target new customers and get them excited about your business.

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Use Display Ads on Instagram

Instagram ads can highlight your brand with beautiful photos of your product or service. Appearing directly in your audience’s feed, an Instagram ad can drive awareness and increase engagement with your website.

Watch a video walkthrough of creating a demographics campaign on Instagram.

Create an Instagram Ad Campaign Fast

The SendGrid Ads editor will get your Instagram display ad up and running quickly and easily. Simply follow a few steps to begin serving your ad to a highly-engaged audience:

  • Choose which beautiful image represents your company or brand
  • Develop your ad content
  • Settle on a call to action

Use Instagram Ads to Reach the Perfect Audience

SendGrid Ads offers multiple ways to find your next customer on Instagram. In addition to serving ads to your existing customer list, you can find new audience members based on:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

Grow Your Business with Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a powerful tool that you can harness to grow your business. Whether you’re striving to increase website engagement, add to your contact list, or increase product sales, you can accomplish your goals with:

  • Instagram Lead Ads - Allow your audience to sign up for your newsletter without having to leave the Instagram app.
  • Lookalike Audiences - Cast a wider net, and get your display ad in front of people that share characteristics with your current contact list.

Customize Your Instagram Ads

Based on a list of people you’d like to serve your display ad to, you can create content specifically for them. Examples include:

  • Create a display ad designed for people that received your marketing email campaign, but didn’t open it.
  • Create ads for people that opened past newsletters, but didn’t click on links.
  • Encourage unengaged contacts to visit your website again.

Track How Instagram Ad Campaigns Drive Revenue

By using the SendGrid pixel, you can retarget website visitors, and see how your Instagram ad campaigns are impacting your business.

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