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Make email design frustration a thing of the past. With flexible design and HTML editing options, you can quickly and easily create beautiful, responsive campaigns.

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What Kind of Editor Are You?

Are you a design-minded visual purist, an experienced coder, or do you prefer to craft your messages using a little of both? Watch this video to learn how you can get the most out of Marketing Campaigns’ flexible editing experience.

Design Utility With HTML Power

Use the design editor to build campaigns with drag & drop and WYSIWYG tools, without giving up HTML control. You can edit the code of individual modules, make changes to the HTML head, and even import custom HTML using Marketing Campaigns’ drag & drop markup.

Code Editing Made Easy

Confidently build or edit your carefully crafted HTML with our code editor. See HTML changes live with the side-by-side code and preview panels. Quickly pinpoint the line of code you need to edit with scroll syncing, and easily catch mistakes with error flagging.

Look Great With Responsive Design

Make sure your email content looks great on any device using a library of responsive email templates or build your own responsive layout using our design editor. Modules and images will automatically adjust to the display your recipient is viewing.

Assign Global Styles

Save time in the design editor by easily defining both global and module styles. You can change colors and fonts to match your brand guidelines with just a few clicks. Then, edit or update links, logos, and images within the toolbar.

Customize Our Templates Or Build Your Own

Build email campaigns faster by starting with a professionally designed template. Choose from one of SendGrid's responsive email designs or build and save your own, using either the design or code editor.

Personalize With Custom Fields

Make your content more relevant to each recipient by including specific details like first name, location, or other relevant detail. You can choose what custom fields are meaningful to your business and your customers.

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