Email Marketing Statistics

Tracking and evaluating email marketing statistics is essential to the success of your email program. Marketing Campaigns provides robust metrics and analytics so you can make informed, data-based changes to your email program.

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One view of all email you send

Understand the impact of your email program, with the ability to dive deeper. View email marketing statistics of individual Single Sends as well as automated email series. Stats include opens, clicks, bounces, blocks, drops and more.

Geography, Device, and ISP Statistics

For even more campaign customization, dive into advanced statistics to see where your messages have been opened, which email providers are being sent to, and what devices your recipients are using to view your messages.

Category Tag

Separate different email types into custom categories so that the performance and success of specific email streams can be evaluated with Twilio SendGrid’s statistics.

Export stats to anywhere

Proving the impact of your email program to stakeholders and teammates is critical. Exportup to thirty days of individual campaign statistics with just a click.

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