Elevate your email with Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is already a top performing channel for your business. Achieve more with modern workflows, approachable automation, and unparalleled deliverability, all from the same platform that can power your transactional email, too.

Take Automation off Your “Someday” List

For many, email marketing automation has been out of reach because it’s too daunting to get started. Not any more. Save time by automating recurring emails or time-based drip series—without needing developer help.

  • Launch your first automation in hours using simple triggers you already have in place, like adding a contact to a list.
  • Welcome new contacts, nurture prospects to attend an event, or send your customers a special offer for their birthday.
  • Keep tabs on automation performance at an aggregate and per-email level, then tweak content to improve in real time.
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Craft Content Your Way

Choose-your-path email design options that work the way you do. Create emails using HTML, drag & drop editing, or your preferred mix of both.

  • No need to sacrifice code access for design efficiency.
  • Rest assured—we won’t modify your custom HTML.
  • Build custom designs from scratch or start from our library of responsive templates.
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Embrace Frustration-Free Workflows

Use our modern interface to accomplish your email marketing tasks in whatever order works for you.

  • Manage recipients, scheduling, content, and testing, all from one view.
  • Seamlessly move among tasks without having to complete one before the other.
  • Efficiently make adjustments as you clarify your campaign vision.

Segment and Personalize to Foster Engagement

Bring your contacts into Marketing Campaigns with ease so you can send targeted, relevant, and wanted email.

  • Add contacts via CSV upload, Signup Forms, or use the Contacts API to automatically add contacts as your base grows.
  • Include custom field data about your contacts to reflect the insights that matter most to your business.
  • Personalize email subject lines and content using tags to tailor your emails for each individual recipient.
  • Confidently create dynamic segments based on customer data and campaign engagement.

Test and Learn to Drive Stronger Results

Count on integrated testing tools for both pre-send optimization and post-send multivariate testing.

  • Know your emails are flawless with built-in spam testing, email rendering previews, and link validation.
  • Test multiple variations of subject lines or content to discover what resonates best with your recipients.
  • Access detailed performance data about each version you send so you can learn and iterate.

Gain Insight With Actionable, Real-time Analytics

Enjoy key email marketing metrics at your fingertips so you can easily make data-driven decisions to improve.

  • Measure what’s with data on delivery rates, opens, and clicks as well as bounces, spam reports, and unsubscribes.
  • Learn about your audience with insights about recipient devices, inbox providers, geography, and more.
  • Create and assign custom categories to monitor and compare performance against your unique priorities.
  • Leverage our Event Webhook to download all stats to your systems in real-time.
Learn Why We're the Delivery Experts

See the Impact of Proven Deliverability

Your message has to reach the inbox to have an impact. Our world-class deliverability technology and Inbox Service Provider [ISP] advocacy help you get there.

  • Safeguard your account with Twilio SendGrid’s proactive ISP monitoring and outreach.
  • Secure your sending with dedicated IPs and custom domain sending.
  • Benefit from SendGrid’s relationships with top ISPs and proven throughput.
Learn Why We’re the Deliverability Experts

Curate the Entire Email Experience

Orchestrate your one-time campaigns, recurring automations, and transactional email from one platform, proven at scale.

  • Create emails that enhance the whole customer experience, from promotional emails to password resets.
  • Claim total visibility and access to transactional email with transactional templates and global stats.
  • Collaborate seamlessly across marketing and development teams to achieve shared goals, whether using our UI or best-in-class APIs.

Partner With Our Email Experts

Have trusted experts who live and breathe email in your corner, day or night.

  • Tap into the world’s largest team of deliverability experts to help you win your way to the inbox.
  • Know our 24/7/365 Support Team is dedicated to your success.
  • Leverage expert services to get started quickly, reach the inbox, and set up your email program for long-term success.

What Our Customers are Saying

SendGrid is critical to our business. Not only is it cost effective, but being able to visualize opens, clicks, and device usage is awesome, and makes pinpointing issues much easier.

Justin Fritz
Email Marketing Manager
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With the help of Marketing Campaigns, we feel like we have an entire creative department behind us. Nothing we’ve ever used has been this powerful in creating impactful messages to our customers.

Patrick Meyer
Creative Director

Marketing Campaigns is an extremely useful tool to have as a marketer because you can test just about any assumption you have very quickly and with very little friction and no dependencies.

Alli Shea
Director of Marketing

Over 80,000 paying customers trust SendGrid to send more than 60 billion emails every month.

The SendGrid Difference

Proven Deliverability

We offer domain authentication, compliance and deliverability coaching, and proactive ISP outreach to ensure you achieve optimal inbox delivery.

Scale With Confidence

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we can handle your important emails. Our world-class platform delivers more than 60 billion emails per month.

Email Expertise

With SendGrid, you have an expert in your corner. Our Customer Success and Support Teams give you the information and guidance you need, when you need it.

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