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Improve deliverability by validating email addresses before you send.

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Better Delivery Rates

The real-time Email Address Validation API uses machine learning and mailbox provider-friendly practices to detect email addresses that are mistyped, inactive, non-existent, disposable, or shared (team@, help@).

  • Fewer invalid emails mean a lower bounce rate
  • Mailbox providers reward you as a reputable sender
  • More emails are delivered to real recipients

Whitehat Senders Only

Twilio SendGrid’s Email Validation API ensures you stay in the good sender category by following mailbox provider best practices. In order to keep you mailbox-provider friendly, the API does not use the broken SMTP-handshake.

  • What is a broken SMTP-handshake?

    The broken SMTP-handshake method attempts to validate an email address by connecting to the mailbox provider until they receive a response and then break the connection without sending a message.

    Mailbox providers do not appreciate the broken SMTP-handshake and often send inaccurate feedback to the service providers that use this method.

Learning at Scale

We’re putting our massive dataset to work by training our machine learning model to inform email address validity scoring. You can rest easy knowing we’re always working to improve your deliverability.

  • Machine learning model trained with data from over 50 billion emails/month
  • Artificial Intelligence built to provide full data security
  • Protect your recipients’ personal data with GDPR compliance

No More Blackbox Validation

For each email address, your UI dashboard will show a riskiness score. This is the estimated probability of delivery, based on domain and local part checks and combined with the machine learning algorithm. Use the scores and reasons provided to choose which addresses to keep on your list and which to remove.

  • See validity verdicts: Valid, Risky, or Invalid categories for quick API implementation
  • Review validity scores: 0-1 informed by our machine learning model paired with MX and A record checks
  • Evaluate specific reasons: Email syntax, suspected bounces, typos, etc.

Minimize Funnel Leakage

Connect the real-time API to lead capture forms to catch false entries when visitors are still on the form. You can prompt them to resubmit so there’s no need for additional confirmation fields and you won’t risk bouncing a confirmation email.

  • Guarantee recipients get the emails they want from you
  • Avoid losing contacts due to accidental email address typos
  • Improve customer experience by surfacing our typo suggestions
  • Remove additional required fields like email address confirmation

With an Email API account you get 2,500 free email validations per month on Pro and 5,000 on Premier! After that, prices start at $0.01 per validation.

Available for free during the Beta period for Email API Pro and Premier plans only. Once publicly launched, you get 2,500 free email validations per month on Pro and 5,000 on Premier! After that, prices start at $0.01 per validation.

Have more than 1 millions emails to validate per month?

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