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Capture new signups and add them directly to your lists in Marketing Campaigns with Signup Forms. Grow your audience the right way, knowing each new contact has opted in to receive your content.

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Build Your Email List

Grow your contact list and drive better engagement with Signup Forms. Provide an easy way for customers who are interested in your business to stay in the loop. Then, start the conversation by sending them a Single Send or by adding them into an automated welcome series.

  • Create a welcome email that fires out as soon as a new recipient is added to your contacts.
  • Nurture contacts who attend an event you host or download an asset you've shared.
  • Send a special offer to contacts during their birthday month.
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Integrate Signup Forms Quickly

Adding a new signup form to your website is as simple as copying and pasting a snippet of code. Prefer not to use code? We’ll host your signup form for you and provide you with a unique link that’s ready to share wherever you engage with your audience!

Collect the Right Customer Data

Go beyond the email address! Get to know your recipients by easily collecting first and last names too. Once you have this information in Marketing Campaigns, you have the key details needed to start personalizing your email content for each recipient.

Create a More Engaging Email Program

Give every new subscriber a warm welcome by pairing Signup Forms with Automation. Automatically send introductory emails to all new contacts after they sign up for your emails, welcoming them and letting them know what kinds of messages and how often they should expect to hear from you. Personalize these initial messages with each recipient’s first and last name to let them know they’re already valuable members of your community.

Beautiful Branding Made Easy

When your customers recognize your brand, it builds trust. Easily build beautiful, professional signup forms, customizing every detail—from fonts to colors, borders, and more.

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