XAMARK™ SMS Marketing

Manage your SMS campaigns like a media buyer. Understand what works — split-test SMS templates, data lists, sending times and more.

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Some campaigns are just “run and leave” but others require a high level of attention. By providing real-time campaign statistics we are sure that you are always ready to take action. You can at any time schedule new campaign, pause, resume or stop it. Knowing how many of your messages are filtered, failed or actually delivered will give you a clue weather your SMS templates are really good or is your data source reliable. Your first campaign can be started within few clicks – all you need is a data list and a couple of SMS templates.

SMS Templates

Engaging campaigns rely on creative messages which have to contain a certain doze of personality and uniqueness. With the help of our solutions you can create almost infinite number of personalized messages with high amount of deliverability. In the process of composing the message you can use the very specific details of each individual data you – like name, phone number, e-mail address, URL or other information you have included in your data list. Individuality of the SMS increases its chance to pass the filters of the network and be seen by your potential customers.

Data Lists

Following the goal of your campaign may require a high level of detail for your data. Using the dynamic data mapping module especially prepared for the case – you are able to upload the part of the data that you will need for your campaigns – name, address, business name, sales information, URL, email address. When sending a message, you can individualize it with these details or you agents can use it in the process of the active communication with your potential clients.

Suppression Lists

Receiving messages over and over again is annoying. Receiving a “stop” reply means that person no longer wants to communicate. With the help of the automatic and custom suppression lists you can be sure that these people will not be bothered again in your future campaigns. Cleaning a data list with a suppression list also increases the level of compliance.

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